the suggestions are based on our exciting trip to this historic city, Marrakech is one of the top travel destinations in northwest Africa this former imperial city is come to beautiful palaces mosques gardens chaotic Suk's and delicious food here our top 10 picks

Number 10 the Suk's of Medina, Medina the old part of Marrakeck offers amongst other things a special authentic experience the Suk's is a Street marketplace where you can buy all sorts of products from leather bags spices silver and gold products to more modern items and food each Street was traditionally named after the commodity that was sold there and even today you can see that certain streets mostly sell spices other sell leather products and so on getting lost in the chaotic Suk's of medina is an interesting experience and offers a glimpse of life in Morocco centuries ago

Number 9 el badi palace, el badi palace is a ruined palace in marques constructed in late 16th century by the Sultan Ahmed al-Mansur ad-Dhahbî belonging to the saadien dynasty the original palace consisted of over 350 rooms a large swimming pool and several gardens however most of its former shine is now gone el badi palace is now a museum with several detached compartments displaying different art and even a fully restored 12th century minbar the rooftop terrace offers amazing views of Marquez and the bird's-eye view of the palace

Number 8 gardens Marakech is famous for its world-renowned gardens in fact gardens are such an important part of it that Marakech is also known as the Garden City guard symbolize paradise and are a great escape from the desert ish atmosphere and the busy city streets you will even find gardens in India its traditional Moroccan houses and palaces with interior courtyards while he can find countless amazing Gardens in marques the following one's are considered one of the most beautiful and open to the public jacques de medieval created in 1923 by a french Orientalist jacques majorelle but it took over 40 additional years to complete the garden includes a colorful villa which now became a favorite instagram spot don't miss the nearby eve-san lahore museum dedicated to the work of the legendary fashion designer yves saint laurent manera Gardens Botanical Gardens located on the west side of Marc ash well Jeff Don Miguel is mostly popular with tourists the manera gardens are a popular relaxation spot for locals Lucia Don secured a place in Medina with a traditional Islamic garden offering a great escape from the crowded streets of Marcos

Number 7 mosque ketubiah, mosque is the largest mosque in marrakech located in medina because of its 253 feet tall minaret it is very easy to spot and can even help you with orientation around marcus ketubah mosque was built in the 12th century it was an inspiration for other prominent buildings outside the mosque you will find a beautiful large garden plaza

Number 6 Jemmaa el fena square located next to koutoubia mosque you will find the central square of Medina Jemmaa el fena here you will find an interesting mix of locals and tourists with street vendors selling everything from fresh orange juice to souvenirs you will also find numerous entertainers such as snake charmers fortune tellers etc however if you plan to stop and watch or take a photo with them they will demand money sometimes quite aggressively for the ultimate experience you can go to one of the rooftop Bars and order the traditional Moroccan mint tea and soak in the atmosphere

Number 5 the tanneries, is famous for its traditional leather tanning industry in fact leather bags shoes and other products are common items salt in the Suk's most tanneries are located in the northern part of medina outside the main tourist areas you can experience the process of treating the animal skins to produce latter but be careful because there are many scams related to visiting the tanneries

Number 4 bahia palace, bahia palace was built in the 19th century for c musa grand visor of the Sultan alike el badi palace that we mentioned before bahia palace is well preserved a great way to travel back in history and experience life in over 150 rooms and an impressive 2 acre garden constructed in the Islamic and Moroccan style one of the more interesting places and another popular Instagram spot in marques is the harem with its outside port opening to the living quarter for concubines residing in bahia palace

Number 3 mira jewish cemetery, following a mass exile of Jews from Spain in the 15th century marquez became a new home for many of them over 35,000 resided in Malacca the Jewish quarter with approximately 40 synagogues in 1537 the Jewish cemetery was built just outside the Malacca quarter the cemetery exists to this day visit the Jewish quarter and the Jewish cemetery to experience the historic dimension of this culturally rich City

Number 2 Bab agnaw, now there were 19 gates to Marrakech providing entrance to different districts of the city Babic now was built in the 12th century and was providing entrance to the Royal part of Medina that was built to impress the visitors today Bab agnaw is still admired by visitors as one of the main tourist attractions in marcus a cute addition to the ancient gates are the storks nesting on

Number 1 saadian tombs, and wrink mark ash through the bag now gates gives you access to the kibosh mark ashes royal district here you can find the kibosh mask another important historical mosque in the city however hidden for centuries behind the kibosh mask and now excavated live impressive saadian tombs where over 60 members of the influential Saudi dynasty were buried Saudi dynasty ruled Morocco in the 16th and 17th century the tombs were rediscovered in 1917 and you can now see them along with another impressive Moroccan garden of course there are many other interesting places to see in markech