To the southwest of Morocco and surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic, Agadir is one of the jewels of Morocco. No matter the time of year it is, the sun showers its rays over the city, and it is blessed with a warm climate that trade winds smooth. In addition, the 10-kilometer seafront affords visitors breathtaking views of the ocean's blue hue as well as an opportunity to relax in the most ideal conditions.

The main seaside resort in this country. The city, that gets 300 days of sun each year, is filled with fun activities. Near the water's edge cafés and restaurants are provide a chance to show you the cuisine of the region and to offer their dishes to the expert judgement of your taste and taste buds!

Further inside the city further, it is where the El Had souk spreads across the streets, displaying its vendors More than 6,000 shops are waiting to be explored and you'll be able to stroll through this lively atmosphere dominated by the bargaining of traders. The city is never idle, and hosts each summer the Timitar festival that is dedicated to international music and specifically to the Amazigh genre. The city is open to the ocean as well as the world at large, Agadir is a vibrant city that is a great place to chill out.

Reunion time

All forms of sport

Agadir is the name of the ocean, but it also has an area of hinterland. The east side of Agadir, the Anti-Atlas mountains extend out. The crenellated reliefs of their crenellated peaks create beautiful landscapes that allow you to take part in all sorts of athletic activities.

It is essential to go hiking. If you love walking you can find trails which allow you to explore with complete security. Why not diversify your experience? In the surrounding area you can take a camel or horse to travel the region riding on the backs of these gentle animals. Bicycles are also in your possession. Many opportunities to spend time with your loved ones!

Are you seeking other peaceful sporting activities? Agadir can be described as one of Morocco's top golfing destinations! Many courses let you improve your golf swing and enjoy an idyllic setting dotted with eucalyptus, mimosas, and mimosas.

Agadir has a wide range of locations and options to exercise. The Anti-Atlas is a great option for people who prefer to explore or play golf in a more formal setting where you can relax and be an gent!

The natural riches of Agdir

The most stunning Hinterlands of Morocco

Agadir is a place to escape. The Souss valley, and later to the west further on, the Anti-Atlas mountains cut across the horizon and produce stunning photographs as only nature can know how to create them. an hinterland full of opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of exploration as well as green tourist.

Do you love wide open spaces? This National Park of Souss Massa is essential! It is home to an extraordinary faunawith 25 species of bird of which is the renowned Bald Ibis, as well as wild boars, antelopes and mongooses. A walk in the middle of the nature reserve is an experience you will never forget. The park is also in Tifnit it is the rock that draws your attention The rock is awash with holes that were once troglodytes' homes, which are now abandoned.

The flora isn't at the middle! All over the region, it is growing and blooms in a jiffy. There are everywhere trees that are laden with fruit like argan trees and their famous oil , or almond trees sparkling at the end of winter. Flowers also bloom , and are used to create honey. Take a stroll along the tourist routes which dedicate themselves to these flowers, and learn about the techniques as well as the culinary arts as well as the way of life!

Discovery is among the main attractions of Agadir and its surrounding region Visit it from one site to the next allow yourself to be awed by the beauty of nature and the treasures it has to offer.

Agadir is among the most stunning bays in the world.

Agadir nature version

Even though it's a seaside destination, the stunning city of Agadir isn't outdone by nature, and you need not travel far to see its wealth.

The city itself is built in one of the world's most stunning natural treasures of the world which is the bay of Agadir which has been recognized since 2002 as being among the most beautiful places in the world. Apart from offering beautiful spots to relax, it also has an amazing coastline, stunning with a stunning sun setting over the ocean.

In Agadir the natural world is abounds within the midst of city. In the city, the Cocco Polizzi medina is a gorgeous example. Just a few meters far from the city center and rebuilt following the 1960 earthquake It is situated through an eucalyptus forest. There is also the Valley of the Birds is another example, a stunning park that is open to the public for free, and covers two and a half acres. Enter through the gates and you'll be in an entirely new world that is filled with exotic palm trees plants as well as bodies of water. birds, obviously and from all over the globe and monkeys too. llamas or kangaroos that are great companions to visit!

Explore the beautiful Agadir A city in which the natural world has built its own quarters that hide a few delights of the countryside!

An invigorating vacation

The Atlantic as a place to play

Surrounded by the ocean and bathed by sunshine all year long, Agadir is the capital of Moroccan tourism at sea. Its location is privileged, and its many accommodations and leisure facilities with their contemporary and diverse infrastructures offer plenty of chances to enjoy your energy. Enjoy them and play your preferred sport in the midst of stunning landscapes!

The city is a fantastic location to play water activities. The turbulent Atlantic is the perfect place for surfers. If you are a fan of surfing you'll enjoy surf in Taghazout which was originally a tiny fishing town just a few kilometres away from Agadir that is now an international seaside resort. standards. Within its vicinity, "Killer Point" and "Anchor Point" are spots that are popular with the most skilled surfers.

Within the Bay of Agadir in particular, the waters are more calm. Kids can play safely and swimmers can go into the ocean. At the beach, activities include jet-skiing, parasailing, sailing, and so on. You can fill your tummy with excitement!

Between the tranquil seas of Bay of Agadir and the turbulent seas that are Taghazout and Taghazout, Agadir's Atlantic Ocean around Agadir has plenty of activities and feelings waiting for you!

A unique surf spot

A paradise for the surfer

A short distance away from Agadir, Taghazout offers a new kind of fun! The former fishing village is now enhanced by an extremely well-equipped beach resort where sliding and surfing in all their forms are celebrated!

Taghazout is, first and foremost, an area to set. The view here isn't the same as the one of Agadir! The sunshine is shining all year long and the beach, which is surrounded with the mountains in the High Atlas, extends over seven kilometers. The argan forest that surround it gives visitors an amazing natural diversity. The resort's beachfront location offers guests a luxurious hotel and unique wooden bungalows to enjoy a your time in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

Taghazout can also be a famous surfing location. If you love surfing, you'll enjoy your time here. In the wake of the wind and waves, the Atlantic creates impressive rollers that give the place its name. place from the 70s onwards. Do you want to learn how to surf? The diversity of surf that breaks here allow you to learn to surf at any level.

Just a few kilometers away from Agadir Come to Taghazout and relax in the beautiful setting and ocean waves.

History and traditions

Agadir, the side of culture

Agadir is a city that owes a lot of its fame to its bay as well as its vast hinterland. It is, however, a city of culture one where the treasures of the past meet the latest events!

Take a step back from the sea's edge and enter the medina. Take a stroll through small streets lined by walls decorated with zelliges. Pass through the intricate doors and learn about the techniques of the Gadiris artisans. Go to the Kasbah situated on an edifice that is 236 metres high. The earthquake of 1960 didn't have any effect on it, and for the past more than five centuries it has watched over the city that has been influenced by a variety of civilizations.

In the medina the museum pays homage to the Amazigh tradition, artisans make jewelry, and artists perform captivating music. The music scene is also popular in Agadir and numerous festivals are scheduled throughout the year. one of the most well-known is being the Timitar festival, which is dedicated to music from around the world or the famous performance to celebrate tolerance.

In the end, Agadir is a culinary tradition, a cuisine which makes use of the foods of the hinterlands: please your palate with delicious dishes that will please your palate. Try an exquisite monkfish cooked with preserved lemon , or chicken tagine that includes almonds, honey and grapes.

The stunning Agadir with its diverse culture that is the city of laughter and is always vigilant.

The products from the local market of Morocco

The sweet taste of the hinterland

In the sunshine of Agadir all things become slightly sweeter! Shopping isn't an exception to the norm, and is accompanied by well-being, which is a fusion of the tastes of Gadiri region.

The argan tree, an endemic Moroccan tree, is found everywhere throughout the region. The oil it produces is a precious resource that enhances the image of these regions. Take a break from Agadir by joining one of the numerous cooperatives in the region. There is a wealth of knowledge base, as well as the production of an oil that Amazigh women utilize to make food and cosmetics. Additionally, why not go to an spa or one the fitness centers located in Agadir? You'll enjoy advantages of argan, including its oil, which is frequently described as magical!

Finally, Agadir is a cuisine. The soil in the region is rich! Almond trees flourish here along with thousands of flowers, that produce some of the best honey available in the country. The cuisine of the gadirie is influenced by the aromas of these flowers and makes delicious dishes like saffron rice balls chicken tagine and honey are just a few recipes that will please your palate!

That's enough for Agadir A city where shopping has been elevated to an art!

The souk's appeal is evident in its charm and the wealth of Moroccan soil

Crafts industry that has many influences

A beautiful beach, as long from the eyes go and sun all calendar year... Many attractions to the gorgeous Agadir to which we need to include the joys of shopping! The city is well-located, and has a vast hinterland that is rich in local produce. It's also a site where Arab-Muslim as well as Amazigh civilizations come together in a city that celebrates the little things in daily life!

Shop in the restored medina of Agadir. Explore its vibrant streets, which are scented by eucalyptus and echoed by the sounds of artisans pounding their craft. Visit the Souk El Had: there you will find all the ambiance and charm Moroccan markets. The stalls are brimming with fresh fruits and spice, bathing the vibrant streets in a heavenly scent. Other stores are focused on leather, clothing and copper works.

To go to Agadir and the surrounding region is also to be to the nomads' crafts. Jewelry is especially sought-after in the region! In Souss, Tiznit, Inezgane, and Taroudant craftsmen, artisans offer amazing little treasures: necklaces, earrings, and pendants that are decorated with beads made of colored glass, coral and amber.

Shopping in Agadir can be described as a kind of a journey through culture From stall to stall You will find the small treasures of the traditional craftsmanship!