Expand your exploration of Morocco through a visit to Azilal. The city is situated in the middle of the Atlas Mountains, this city is hidden by the nature-inspired landscapes surrounding it. It has mastered the art of showcase its culture of living along with its arts and crafts and architectural style to build a sustainable and unified ecotourism that will be a delight for you.

Enjoy a delicious and diverse cuisine, including the traditional couscous and the tagine of fish, and the olive tagine, which is cooked using argan oil.

Also, you will be amazed by the natural beauty that are in your reach. Spend some time contemplating the magnificent waterfalls of Ouzoud and be awed by the stunning natural bridge at Imi N'Ifri, near Demnate and to gaze at the stunning blue waters of the lake that is Bin El Widane, to refresh yourself in the gorges of wadi Ahansal or walk through the stunning natural reserve of Tamga. Tamga

One last place not to be missed is that valley called Ait Bouguemez, overhung by the magnificent M'goun mountain which reaches over 4 071 meters. The valley is known as the valley of the happy.

For a quick recovery from your hard work take a break and enjoy the hospitality of the locals with mint tea in the traditional way and tasty Moroccan pastries.

The azilal is full of adventure.

The thrills are in the middle of the Atlas!

For those who love sports holidays, Azilal and its surroundings are a top destination! In this region located in the middle of the Atlas There is plenty to offer everybody! Paragliding and water sports are available!

The surrounding areas of Azilal provides a region that is suitable for ecotourism due to numerous sites that are not known to be in the protected nature of the area and that's why it's an ideal place to take part in a variety of sports.

It is Mount M'Goun, 2nd in Morocco in terms of elevation with 4068 meters, is visitors an ideal location to go mountaineering. Six days are required to complete the climb!

Do you like intense sensations? Is there anything more thrilling than exploring the stunning Arous Gorge by canoe, or even rafting and canyoning! The Arous Gorge will awe you by its grandeur take a look at these stunning rock formations that encircle you as you walk down the gorge!

Near 27 kilometers north of Azilal and 27 km north of Azilal, visit The lake at Bin El Ouidane. It is possible to play a variety of water sports in the crystal clear waters within the mountainous landscapes that are visible into the sky. Paragliders are a great way to take off and glide over the stunning valley Ait Bouguemez! Do you see the bridge that is natural to Imi N'Ifri a few meters away from you?

Fantastic nature atlas in the high elevations

The escape from the center of nature in the Azilal region! Azilal!

If you are looking to combine adventure in the midst of nature with the exploration of stunning views, the area of Azilal is perfect for you! Its High Atlas lends itself well to ecotourism, and is full of amazing, unsuspecting places. Explore The Ouzoud Waterfalls, the Ait Bouguemaz Valley or the Bin El Ouidane lake, stunning beauty in a setting and a preserved natural environment.

Do you dream of a complete immersion into an expansive and diverse nature? Get your adrenaline pumping in the area of Azilal and take on this Ait Bouguemez Valley! Put on your best explorer's attire and head to see the Arous canyons! With the help by a knowledgeable guide stroll over to the Imi N'Ifri bridge which is close to Demnate an amazing natural bridge that was formed by the rock!

Are you looking for thrills? Go to these caves in El Ksiba and Aven! Armed with the right equipment, you can enter these caves deep, measuring twenty meters. Ouzoud's waterfall Ouzoud gives you a breathtaking views of a 100m waterfall that flows into the middle of an abseil! Do you want to spend moments of tranquility too? Take a trip to Beni Mellal, which is located at Bin El Ouidane lake near the city of Beni Mellal! While there, make connections with locals, and don't be afraid to purchase some traditional local goods to bring home for yourself or your loved ones!

Azilal has a rich and varied story with a long

Azilal is a city that has thousands of faces

In the middle of Morocco, Azilal is one of the lesser-known gems of Morocco. The roads connect to Azilal, which is situated halfway between the desert and the ocean, and the different cultures that mix here: Arabs and Amazighs contribute to the unique atmosphere of the area.

The taste of food is a result from this blend that is subject to the wise judgements of your papillae. assortment of food items that are more tasty those that are more tasty than other. The craft industry isn't excluded: wool is woven with artistic skill, and it is used as a base for carpets that make beautiful souvenirs of your travels.

All around are evidence to the rich and varied history of the area. Here, there can be seen as an earthen granary fortified with a sandstone foundation, it was used to preserve the harvests, which were scarce, and the times were characterized by the lack of and here it is an tighermt, which is a collection of fortified structures; lastly, there are fossilized dinosaurs. In the second era, the enormous reptiles were a part of Azilal. The natural reserve of Demnate helps in the preservation of their bones, and lets them be accessible to visitors. Paleontologists who are amateurs or confirmed do not miss out on the possibility to visit this place!