Artistic landscapes surrounded by trees of palms high commercial buildings, and the Atlantic that stretches out onto the outside world. Casablanca can be described as the financial center of Morocco A bustling city always on the lookout for danger.

Modern infrastructures blend with charming neighborhoods, blending the Arab-Muslim culture and the heritage of the colonial age. Learn about the various details: stroll through the medina which is one of the most modern in Morocco traverse the city center with its art deco structures and join with the Hassan II Mosque, a architectural marvel constructed on the water.

Allow yourself to be swept away by the fun aspect in the town. Take advantage of the corniche, its clubs, festivals , too such as for instance, the Casablanca Festival, Jazzablanca or Tremplin L'Boulevard.

In terms of the coastline it is lined with beaches designed to your convenience. On-site, diving, jet skiing , or yachting are all options to make your stay more enjoyable.

In Casablanca, you don't get bored! Between leisure and culture The white city certainly isn't devoid of things to do.


Legs and head

At sea or on land or on land, you can work out in Casablanca

It is as it should be. Casablanca is a vibrant city that is always awake and active, is also a sport city. On land or on waters, facilities are diverse and allow you to pursue your passion or explore new sports.

Like all over the world golf is in the center of attention at The White City. Within its vicinity, many courses are available to help players to improve their swing. Making use of the genius of famous architects like David Cohen or Olivier Dongradi They alternate challenges and obstacles in the midst of beautiful landscapes.

The water sports can't be missed in Casablanca. The Atlantic lends itself especially well to board sports and enthusiasts of windsurfing, surfing or jet skiing can find the perfect spot.

Do you enjoy exploring? What better way to explore beneath the surface? Numerous diving schools line the coastline , making it possible to explore deep into the ocean.

Fishing for sport is another option. The waters surrounding are awash with fish and will yield good catches to experienced or amateur fishermen.

Sports is played in every form in the city of white! Be sure to visit these during your visit.

Casablanca: a large seaside resort

Casablanca is backed by the ocean

Casablanca The vibrant, energetic capital of the economy of the Kingdom is also proud of place to its coast which is a great place to take a break after a hard day's working or exploring the culture!

City that has a rich history and modern and diverse structures, Casablanca varies the pleasures by offering well-equipped beaches. In the middle, on the Corniche that runs through Ain Diab, complexes combining private beaches as well as water parks and fitness centers provide many activities. With all the amenities, the beach is located at Ain Diab offers you to explore jet surfing, skiing or just take a dip in the sunshine, laying on a lounger. The stunning and long cornice, dotted with bars, restaurants, and cafes that allow you to eat in the daytime, to eat and then at night, to take in the nightlife in Casablanca.

Just a few miles from the metropolis, the other resorts along the coast are all devoted to your enjoyment. Find Dar Bouazza and its private beaches that are adorned with fine sand, and sun loungers where you can lay back and relax. You can also visit Bouznika which has a hotel, Bouznika Bay where you will find everything you need and a golf course where you can improve your swing!

We enjoy ourselves, we enjoy a relaxing time at the Casablanca coast. It is ideal to be set up, it gives us more opportunities to play and unwind!

The Moroccan dolcevita

Casablanca activates it

Casablanca has an urban design an urban city that is modern and where you will find everything you need: luxurious hotels, diverse and extensive transportoptions, and a wide range of infrastructures. However, most importantly it's a city that is alive an ever-awake city and where you can have great fun all through the year.

Take advantage of its calendar of cultural events It's one of the most crowded in the country! International and national stars perform at various festival concert, cultural events, as well as other events. Most well-known include festivals like the Jazzablanca Festival, L'Boulevard Tremplin or the Casablanca Festival.

The energy of the city is felt all over the area. Casablanca is a must-attend night for those who love to party and have a an enjoyable time! Restaurants and bars are pulsing with modern music and enough to keep you entertained all through the night!

Casablanca can be described as an art form in which both immaterial and material culture have its place. Allow yourself to be swept by the warm and welcoming atmosphere of energy and new discoveries!

At the crossroads of different cultures

Cosmopolitan casablanca

Casablanca is a mystery for historians. However, if its roots are obscured by the fog of time, the cities that surround it and the monuments that are there, we should read entire portions of its past.

Within the vicinity of the port, explore the ruins of the Sqala complex, a fortified structure that was built in the eighteenth century. Nowadays, it's an elegant cafe-restaurant where you can dine on the delicious local cuisine. In just a few steps away of the harbor, the medina opens its streets. It was rebuilt following the earthquake in 1755, it's one of the most modern in the country, and one of the original ones also: within its walls, the architecture of the Arab-Muslim world is a mix of inspirations from Europe. Within this diversity artisans are working and entertaining the neighborhood.

In the middle the city, a totally different scene is presented to you. In this particular area, the specific urban planning, the wide boulevards, and the wide squares with art-deco buildings bordering them, are reminiscent of the colonial past.

And, naturally solemnly along the shores ocean, is the Hassan II Mosque, one of the largestand most stunning in the Muslim world. As you pass through the gate: Inside, beautiful woods blend with onyx and marble; in the ceilings and pillars the harmony of arabesques and zelliges, everywhere scrolls, intricate doors. A marvel.

Travelling through the White Casablanca is to take an experience of time and space. It is to explore an ancient city surrounded by hundred and one influences.

Your luxurious shopping experience in Casablanca

Casablanca is the capital of shopping!

The most active city in Morocco is a small oasis for shoppers of all kinds with its modern infrastructure as well as shopping centers, boutiques, and boutiques which make it the capital of commerce of the kingdom.

Take advantage of the city's central area. Clean and clear, surrounded by commercial roads It brings together the biggest brands, the most well-known brands including jewelry, clothing, or perfumery, there's plenty of stores!

In the city, malls are offering more and more possibilities to shop. For instance, the Morocco Mall is the biggest mall in Africa and covering 70,700 square meters of space is home to 600 commercial brands and will be welcoming you in a warm atmosphere and in accordance the international standard. And of course, its fountains, musical fountains and 3D cinema!

It is the Anfa Place shopping center is not to be missed! It is located in the Corniche of Casablanca located on the seafront It is the home of 90 international and national fashion catering, leisure, and service brands.

Do you want to relax after all the shopping? See you at the Arab League Park.

Explore the shady alleys of the most stunning park in the city. take a sip of mint tea while enjoying a beautiful and beautiful setting before heading back out to search for bargains!

From shops to shops at shopping malls, or in the streets, Casablanca offers you an endless number of opportunities to indulge in your love for shopping!

The souk all the way to the luxurious boutique

A fusion of authenticity and contemporary

The main economic artery of the country that includes the most modern infrastructures as in the most energetic organizations, Casablanca doesn't forget its heritage and places Moroccan expertise on the map.

If you go to the medina, you will see authentic craftsmen dedicated to their craft. Take a stroll through the Habous district: it's one of the busiest areas district in the city's historic. The entire souk is dedicated to copper, within the workshops of coppersmiths, in the stalls, sparkling teapots, teatrays, and lights made of arabesques.

In other places, it's the sweets that fill the stands. Leather products are not left out and bags, slippers and ottomans are just a few products designed to satisfy your craving for shopping!

Casablanca can also be a cult of haute couture. The city is known for its elegant caftans which work and bring back young stylists that aren't lacking inspiration. These creations can be seen during the Casa Fashion Show and especially in Marrakech at the annual Caftan gathering of Morocco which has been moved several times to the major fashion cities like Milan as well as Los Angeles. The popularity of these clothes extends over borders and Angelina Jolie, Rihanna or Alicia Keys do not hesitate to wear them in public.

"Made in the Casa "made in Casa" always is a positive effect! Traditional craftsmanship coexists with the modernized!