Dakhla is a tiny piece of paradise located in South Morocco hidden between the waters of Atlantic as well as the sandy sands of Sahara. It is a pleasure to eat without restriction. The beaches stretch for miles from the to the other side of the city. an opportunity to unwind and enjoy all sorts of water sports.

The shores of these beaches have been voted among the top stunning in Morocco. They are isolated from the rest of the world due to the desert surrounding them They are a real oasis of tranquility, an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy a warm sun of 25 degrees all year.

In the area around There are two beaches that are popular, the Pk25 and Foum El Bouir. The first is a favorite among those who enjoy idleness. It is a tranquil spot in which you can relax comfortably in the tranquil and crystal clear waters of the lagoon and at Foum El Bouir, the environment is more lively.

It is a website that is dedicated to the joys of skiing. Kitesurfers, windsurfers and sufeurs regardless of their level are able to visit this site, and take a ride by the winds and waves. In addition, the Tip of the Dragon an well-known spot that is internationally famous: the waves are breathtaking and some of the world's most popular surfers have taken to these stunning tubes that stretch for several hundred meters.

Gateway to the desert that opens onto sub-Saharan African, Dakhla is more importantly, a gateway to paradise!

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Dakhla is at the mercy of the winds

Dakhla is a dream for skiers. Along the Atlantic coast, in sunny skies with clear skies it is possible to allow yourself to be swept away by the waves depending on the wind.

In these regions Three spots are well-known. From the side of lagoon on the lagoon side, the PK 25 beach is a magnet for kitesurfers. Here, the windy conditions that are favorable to kitesurfing will take you off and give you the chance to try your best tricks. Further on the sand dune that is that is sinking into the ocean signals the most gorgeous place in the area. It's the crest of the dragon and is the crucial spot for everyone who loves the sport of glide. "Simple" surfer, it is located on the ocean side where you should visit: the beach of Foum El Bouir is the location where all the greats of the board congregate.

In Dakhla fishing is also prominent: at the shoreline, you can try surfing, and you'll be amazed at the outcome! You can also hire an ozcac and, with the direction of a guide, explore the most fish-friendly waters in the surrounding waters.

Sitting on a board or with a cane In Dakhla you can indulge in the passion of your life in a tiny spot of paradise!

A mythical lake

Play the robinson crusoe game on the beaches of Dakhla

From north to South, with hundreds of miles of deserted and sandy beaches that stretch out to the Atlantic, Dakhla offers you the most stunning location. It is a place where you can feel in synergy with a natural environment as mysterious as it has been preserved.

The island is located situated at the mouth of Rio de Oro, Dakhla Bay and its magnificent lagoon that is surrounded by warm blue waters is habitat for migratory birds, pink flamingos, turtles monk sealsand rays, and Humpback dolphins. They can be seen from the southern part of the peninsula, located in Punta Sarga.

In addition to a relaxing time such as swimming, fishing, and surf-casting will give you the chance to engage in the latest water sports. Since 2014 this city is named first in the world of ski areas.

Kitesurfers, surfers or windsurfers who regard this beach to be among the most beautiful spots on Earth get together on Foum El Bouir's beach. Foum El Bouir.

Further to the south, you'll find the gorgeous white sand beaches of Puertito and the beaches in Puerto Rico, where you are able to rest under the khaimat tents of your bivouac.

Explore the charms of the lesser-known gem of Morocco.

Kitesurfing, diving , and other water sports at the dakhla lagoon

The natural riches of dakhla

Dakhla is a town on the sea that is among the most stunning in Morocco. We lounge on the shores of its lagoon, can swim in it and also have fun. However, Dakhla is also an adventure: the gateway into the desert. The city is open to the vastness of the Sahara and, as for the ocean that surrounds it, it's not only a pleasure to swim in it, but it's also enjoyable to learn about the treasures in it.

Land or marine explorations? The first is the hunt for waterfowl. In the the rich in fish waters of Dakhla You can indulge in your love of fishing: your feet immersed in water you cast the line into the waves, and practice surfing casting and aboard a Zodiac that you take a step back from the edgesand and catch larger fish.

Perhaps you'll choose an adventure that takes you to the inland. It's then the Sahara and its secrets are presented to you: with the 4x4 vehicle, you traverse the sands and then can quench your thirst at where it comes from Asma and you discover The White Dune. You can also take a camel ride, travel through the desert following the style of the ancients and take in the art work that nature creates in the Sahara, some of the most stunning of the planet.

More than just a place to relax, Dakhla is an invitation to be discovered, a chance to have a fun stay!