The blue waters of the Mediterranean, its gentle and light waves and the coastline that draws the contours of one of the most beautiful bays in Morocco, this is the picture that nature composes in Al Hoceima. The places have the appearance of earthly paradise. On one of the many beaches that stretch around, you bask on a sun lounger, you enjoy the sun and its benefits. Under these always clear skies, idleness is in the spotlight!

But, El Hoceima is not just a seaside town. Its surroundings contain treasures that the most adventurous will enjoy discovering. A little away from the city, near the fishing village of Torres de Alcala, stand the ruins of five guard towers. The Portuguese had built them while they were occupying the area. Today, the site offers pleasant walking prospects to all lovers of old stones!

In the city itself, the port is worth a visit. Its edges are animated by the activity of fishermen and it is good to walk there. Further on, the Moro Viejo corniche offers you a magnificent spectacle: advancing through the city, it leads to one of the ends of the bay and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Hiking and adventure at the gates of the city

Adventure at the gates of the city

Al Hoceima is a bay, a hinterland, beautiful landscapes in the middle of which to relax; in the middle of which also to exert oneself, to exceed one's limits. The Mediterranean, the surrounding national park offer many leisure activities and are popular playgrounds for adventurers.

Tala Youssef Beach is particularly famous. On site, the nautical base "Fun Med" provides visitors with equipment to indulge in the most exhilarating activities: you can rent jet skis and go on the sea; roaring quads are also accessible that allow you to enjoy all the sensations that speed provides.

As for the hinterland, it offers pleasant prospects for hiking. Al Hoceima National Park is covered by a trail that walkers can take. Dotted with cottages, it allows you to explore the nature reserve for several days. The bravest can also indulge in caving. It is that the region is teeming with caves: more than 200 are listed to date that allow you to venture into the bowels of the earth and discover spectacular rock landscapes.

Why just rest in Al Hoceima when there is so much to do?

Al hoceima, land of adventure

Al hoceima, adventure at your fingertips

Al Hoceima is famous for its bay, idyllic beaches. Many consider it only by these sides, see it as only a seaside resort among others. It is to forget that behind the sea stretch mountains, that the city has a hinterland among the most beautiful in Morocco.

Thus, the Natural Park of Al Hoceima: bordered by the waters of the Mediterranean, cut out of high cliffs, it presents a varied relief that draws the Bokkoyas massif. The landscapes are sublime: very green in spring, more sparse during the summer, they bathe in the clear light of the Moroccan sun. Walking there is a delight. A hiking trail crosses them that allows you to discover the interior of the park. It is dotted with cottages and, for several days, you venture to discover the local fauna and flora. Further in the Moroccan Rif, extends the valley of Taghzout. A hundred kilometers separate it from Al Hoceima but the site deserves the journey that combines the beauties of nature and architectural genius.

Back on the coast, discover the island of Baden. This small piece of rock makes an astonishing spectacle: connected to the African continent by a narrow strip of sand, it stands out against the background of the Mediterranean and forms a huge pitfall on which the waves break.

If idleness is in the spotlight in Al Hoceima, adventure is never far away!

Wild beaches, natural sites and turquoise waters

The pinnacle of relaxation on the beaches of al hoceima !

Come and live a holiday in idleness mode with your feet in the water on one of the many dream beaches in Al Hoceima and its region: Asfiha, Espalmadero, Quemado, Cala-Bonita and many others waiting for you!

For you, holidays rhyme with relaxation on paradisiacal beaches? Al Hoceima, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is nicknamed "the Mediterranean pearl" because of its many beautiful bays. You can stretch out on one of its many wild beaches while admiring around you the beauty of the natural sites around. Admire the mountainous landscapes of Tala Youssef Beach, jump into the turquoise water of Baden Beach or lie on the fine sand of Armoud Beach.

Do not forget to stock up on souvenirs thanks to the many typical objects of this little corner of the Rif that you will find on the stalls and in the shops of Al Hoceima and the surrounding localities!