Entering the city of Fez, Morocco is an experience that every traveler will never forget. Immediately, you are transported to a different world, a world that still operates according to ancient laws and traditions. The most rewarding city views are found on social tours of the medina or "old city". As you walk along the highway lined with bright shops, you will be introduced to the vibrant Moroccan way of life. A collection of sweet perfumes wafted in the air, woven fabrics hung on the shop floor, and blue wool on the shelves of a small house. storage. Shop owners will greet you with enthusiasm, while Moroccans are the friendliest people I have ever met. After living there for 10 years, we have experienced nothing but great hospitality and hospitality. They are eager to teach you their culture and open their homes to you for a delicious meal of tagine or couscous cooked at home.

One of the most remarkable things about Morocco is its delicious food. One of the most famous places to eat in Fez is the Asmae restaurant, located at the bottom of the medina. Fortunately, there are signs to indicate it, as derbs or winding roads can be difficult to navigate at first. Located in a beautiful restaurant, you will be treated to many Moroccan salads, each with a different flavor, together with khobz, Moroccan bread. There are different options for the main dish, whether you choose steamed couscous or any tagine, this will be the dish that makes all the others stand out. For dessert, they offer fruit and mint tea, a Moroccan favorite.

The best things to do and see in Morocco are in the Medina. Guided tours are useful, so you can learn more about Morocco's history and culture. On the must-see list are the weavers, where the click-clack of the boat creates beautiful, multi-colored fabrics; The Spice Shop, where you will learn about ancient remedies for snoring and experience the aroma of rare oils and spices; and the Berber Carpet Shop, where each carpet design is displayed in front of you with an explanation of the story behind it. However, if you have a few more days in Morocco and don't want to limit your time in Fes, the best Morocco experience would be a tour of the city to stop at all the good sites. A trusted travel company that creates tailor-made tour packages is Experience! Tours . On their website, you can find innumerable different routes to the largest level of Morocco. One of these amazing places is the Sahara Desert. You will love the golden bangs that stretch all the way to the head. For an additional fee, take a camel ride to a Berber tent and stay there. An unprecedented night of stars in the city will appear before you, while you eat good food and listen to stories from the guides.

The best places to stay in Morocco are definitely Riads. There are different prices and they offer more traditional accommodation than European hotels, with their beautiful gardens, friendly service and secluded rooms.

It is not surprising that the economy of Morocco is completely dependent on tourism, as every visitor leaves his eyes for the magic and beauty of the Arab country.