The typical accommodation is ideal to ensure a truly authentic experience

Warm welcome, stunning landscapes, an ancient culture, everything is available to make sure you have your time in Morocco. Everything, from the traditional accommodations, will help you experience the Moroccan way of life. No matter which accommodation you choose the charm of it is sure to leave you feeling awestruck!

The Tea Ceremony

Foreigner or Moroccan If you're invited, you're served tea! It's usually around a couple of glasses of tea where we meet and then talk and get to know one our fellow guests. It's an invitation we'll not refuse even if we've just had a drink minutes before. Warm welcome always comes with delicious Moroccan treats.

Accommodation and guide

If you're traveling to Morocco it is a place where you will not lose your way! There is a reason why we often lose our way while traveling. We are unable to communicate and update ourselves with no worries. Moroccans are incredibly welcoming in this regard. They'll help you with the freewill of their hearts, help on your behalf and offer the chance to spend a couple of hours with them! Additionally, a variety of mobile apps are accessible to assist you and provide you plenty of practical details as well as guide you through your stay.

Riads hotels, hostels, and Riads all with a distinct Moroccan touches!

In the middle of the medinas that are famous, you'll be able to experience the Moroccan style of living by staying in luxurious guest houses and riads : These traditional houses that have an outdoor patio. You can find authenticity in the mountains, or in the valleys by staying with locals in a house, a cottage or an inn or the charm and luxury of adobe Kasbahs. If you want to see deserts and oasis, a bivouac on the Sahara will satisfy your desires.