A similar atmosphere reigns in Tetouan. She is "the daughter of Granada", a city with Hispano-Moorish architecture. Its medina is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Not far from Tetouan, the seaside resort of Tamuda Bay deploys 15 kilometers of fine sand bay. Prestigious establishments have settled there, giving a chic character to the region. Relaxation and art of living are assured with the horizon, the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

The city of Tetouan, with its multicultural identity, offers a whole journey through time!

Sport, very present in Tetouan

At the crossroads of civilizations, tetouan borrows from all influences

White dove of Morocco, it is a picturesque city with colorful cultures. Sport is also part of the leisure that the city offers, Golf being a great example.

With the "Cabo Negro" Golf Course designed by Hawtree & Sons in 1976 and renovated by architect Cabell B. Robinson, fans of this luxurious sport can make use of a challenging 18-hole course. Indulge in this sport, overcome the challenges when crossing wide fairways, and overcome the obstacles of dunes, shrubs and wind that come from the Mediterranean.

On the shores of the Mediterranean, the city also offers a large number of water activities. In Tetouan, you can enjoy the modern infrastructure of Tamuda Bay and, all along the 15 kilometers of coastline, you can try jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, sea kayaking but also fitness in a thalassotherapy center equipped with all amenities.

Even in the hinterland, magnificent reliefs contribute to a setting that is breathtaking.

Let yourself be tempted by water activities at tamuda bay in the tetouan region

At the crossroads of civilizations, tetouan borrow from all influences.

Sport is no exception to the rule and, in these cities, you discover and practice it in all its forms!

On the shores of the strait and on the Mediterranean, this city also offers a large number of water activities. In Tetouan, you can enjoy the modern infrastructure of Tamuda Bay and, all along the 15 kilometers of coastline, you can try jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, sea kayaking but also fitness in a thalassotherapy center equipped with all amenities.

Finally, it is possible to venture into the hinterland: the Riffian reliefs form a splendid setting for hiking or trekking. In these mountains, the pleasures of effort mingle with those of discovery.

Tetouan is a picturesque and active city: walking there is a delight, spending is another!

The city of exceptional artisanal treasures

Tetouan, a city whose appearance is an open-air museum

In their streets, the treasures of history accumulate, everywhere, monuments stand that evoke the glories of the past. Yet nothing seems petrified, draped in a bygone grandeur. This city is active, full of life: the clamors of the souks resonate there, as does the beating of the tools of the craftsmen at work.

In Tetouan, the craftsmen of the medina work to make sumptuous zelliges, masterpieces of enamelling that make the city famous. To ceramics, other artists prefer wood, of which they paint panels with virtuosity. Outside the city, it is a whole hinterland that feeds the local gastronomy: olive and fig trees grow by the hundreds while women make the famous Jben, a cottage cheese wrapped in palm leaves, which they lead to the city and that you discover in the souks.

Fertile land, lively souks and authentic craftsmanship and constantly revisited, so much for the charms of Tetouan!

The seaside in the spotlight in Tetouan

Tetouan: a dove on the Mediterranean

In Tetouan, the Mediterranean unfolds all its charms! Its warm and blue waters border the city, inviting swimming, boating and idleness.

To fully enjoy all these little pleasures, tamuda Bay is the place to go! The coast is wonderful: the waves lick golden sandy beaches while, in the hinterland, the relief draws hilly landscapes covered with forests.

The infrastructures are not left out: luxury hotels welcome you and put all the amenities at your fingertips; a water park too, ideal for children who like to go down along the slides; finally, two marinas, from where to sail on the waters aboard yachts or sailboats. Along the beach, there are restaurants with atmosphere that enliven the nightlife of the resort.

Busy days in perspective! To recover from your emotions, you will find in Tamuda Bay a thalassotherapy center. Within its walls, well-being is expressed in all its forms and hammams, sauna, fitness session are all activities offered for your relaxation.

Beaches as far as the eye can see, the Mediterranean for horizon and varied and modern infrastructures: Tetouan is one of the pearls of Moroccan seaside tourism.

The treasures of Tetouan

Tetouan: the Mediterranean as a horizon

Lime walls, a dove look: Tetouan welcomes you in its alleys that mix a subtle mix of cultures.

The city has the air of Andalusia: behind the walls of the medina, it is in one of the most beautiful and active in Morocco, now classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that you walk along alleys lined with green and white houses that evoke Seville or Granada. In front of the doors, on the squares, craftsmen work on their work: there, he is a painter on wood; further in Guersa El Kébira, it is the embroiderers, the "Jebliates", who sell their mendils, pieces of fabrics colored with red, blue or white. And then there is the Mellah, the Jewish quarter of the medina in which jewelry stores follow one another and whose main artery leads to the Royal Palace, expression of Hispano-Moorish art.

Leaving the old town, you will discover a completely different architecture. Some time under Hispanic protectorate, Tetouan multiplies the monuments of European style: the old Spanish casino, the church of Our Lady of Victory, or the General Library are all constructions that give the city its special character.

Finally, festivals bear witness to this effervescence: that of Mediterranean cinema, that of comics or that dedicated to women's voices.

To discover Tetouan is to discover a city steeped in history, a city of encounters that, while being open to external influences, retains all its authenticity.