Between tradition and modernity, Marrakesh promises incomparable sensations. Stroll through the Jemaa El-Fna square and through the souks with sparkling colors and oriental fragrances, the red city will answer your wish for a change of appearance with the snap of your fingers. Horse-drawn carriage rides, sun terraces, traveling artists and other day and night activities complete your stay in Morocco. You can admire all the architectural wealth of the Medina by visiting one of the many riads, small oriental palaces arranged around a central courtyard, or relax in the large Menara garden. with the symbol of the city. Because Marrakech leaves its visitors to choose by drawing its unique diversity. Leave the walls alone and immerse yourself in contemporary Morocco. The Guéliz and Hivernage districts offer state-of-the-art infrastructure, luxury and international ready-to-wear boutiques and wide, airy streets; all about the stamp specific to Marrakech.

Festive and cultural venues with the presence of the Palais des Congrès and the magnificent Theater Royal are also a sign of the growing economic buzz. Enjoy Marrakech in night mode by investing in many themed areas, trendy clubs and traditional nights that reflect the happiness of its inhabitants.

In 2016, Marrakesh hosted Cop22 to combat climate change, in recognition of its new international stature and its formidable capacity to receive. All the sports, sun and memories Sport, between earth and sky Marrakech loves sports! Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the city is at your fingertips with many facilities and activities to satisfy your thirst for sensations. With well-designed greens and courses suitable for all levels, golf courses in Marrakech are a must! The urban campus gives you the opportunity to enjoy your passion in the midst of beautiful surroundings and original playgrounds designed by the best architects. A little far from the center, the palm grove is an ideal place for family outings. You can ride a horse or quad bike in the middle of the greenery. For more sensations, leave the land and fly to Marrakech from the air. On board a hot air balloon, you will see the pearl of southern Morocco, let yourself be captivated by the poetry of the balloon flight. Do you need more dynamics? Rent a microlight and fly over the city and surrounding mountains at your leisure. On the golf courses or up in the Moroccan sky, in Marrakech, you are full of emotions! Active stay during your vacation The mountain is for the playground The ochre-colored walls of Marrakech lean against the Atlas Mountains. These steep reliefs invite you to adventure: you walk on their slopes, cross them on aerial bridges and also descend them from the peaks covered with snow.

For the more persistent, dare to climb Jebel Toubkal. Guided by a guide, you walk the trails, sleep in a bivouac, finally reach the top of the mountain: the views all around are magnificent and you will be rewarded for your efforts! An ecologically responsible nature reserve, supported by the Toubkal National Park, welcomes you to the largest air route in Africa. Thanks to the zip line, tree climbers and cable cars, you will be full of sensations! The mountainous surroundings of Marrakech also give you the opportunity to enjoy skiing activities. Ending at 3,200 meters above sea level, the Oukaïmeden ski area offers all the expected amenities and you can ski at night the day before for the milder atmosphere of Marrakech. And finally, 40 kilometers south of the city, Lake Lalla Takerkoust is the ideal playground for motor sports enthusiasts: quad bike rides, jet ski trips, which guarantee their share of experiences. The hinterland of Marrakesh is a different world! A few minutes from the comfort of the city, you will discover wild but friendly nature, wide open spaces where you can spend your free time!

Mysterious Marrakech

Marrakech, a culture that is constantly evolving Marrakech is a heritage, a city rich in millennia of history. However, you will find nothing repaired, nothing damaged. Culture is dynamic, alive. Jemaa El Fna Square expresses this turning point. You will find a meeting place in the area. We eat, we drink: we enjoy the delicacies of the local cuisine. We also sing, taking over the most popular of Moroccan culture: storytellers, diviners, gnaouas, the place is dedicated to the beautiful, the real. Marrakech also has pride of place in festivals. The city is one of the highest places of cinematography. Every year in December, the Marrakesh International Film Festival is held there, where the biggest figures of the seventh art gather. In the middle of the year, these popular arts are celebrated in a festival dedicated to them. Throughout, you will be introduced to the songs, dances and traditional music of Morocco. In a good mood, against the background of a crazy rhythm, you rub shoulders with the culture of the whole country. Enjoy this bustling cultural life in the squares and cafes of the city day and night!

The charm of Marrakech

Marrakech, concentration of Moroccan history Beautiful Marrakech, bathed in the pink glow of its adobe walls, opens its doors to all culture lovers. Masterpieces of architecture appear in the walls, the humanities are mixed. This is Marrakech, a mixture of influences that unites all seasons, a mosaic of colors where the wonders of the past and the present are drawn. A walk through the city. Pass under the door in the medina and enter the old quarter. Here beats the historical heart of the former royal capital, where the famous koutoubia minaret stands. It is a lighthouse in Marrakesh that rises to the sky and peaks at a height of 77 meters, one of the beacons of Islamic art since its design, its proportions inspired the Hassan Tower in Rabat and the Giralda in Seville. Further develop the Menara gardens built by the Almohad dynasty: enjoy the freshness of the area, the avenue of olive trees. As the sun sinks below the horizon, the area glows with an amber, alluring glow that is apt to evoke the stories of One Thousand and One Nights! Some beauties are still in the streets. Lost in time, you will be amazed by these treasures that the ocher city has left behind in history.

From craftsmanship to luxury

Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of Marrakech's markets A winding street and from there stalls overflowing with food; an impression of abundance and the echo of lively bargaining that fills the air with a happy commotion: you are without a doubt in the middle of one of the famous markets of Marrakesh! In these markets, the art of tradition is honored. Go under the door: you will enter the Semmarine market, perhaps one of the most interesting in Morocco. Amazigh and Arab crafts meet in its streets. Everyone has their own stalls where decorative candles, clay and lights are given out. Elsewhere in the city, other brands have set up their stands. Go to Souk Attarine, dedicated to working with copper: tanned or gilded, they come in all shades, creating luxurious tableware that is always finely crafted. In addition, tanners and dyers gave preference to all types of leather: slippers and leather goods invaded the streets bathed in the intoxicating aroma of skins tanned under the Moroccan sun. Marrakech is also that: a small concentration of Moroccan craftsmanship! Search from market to market and discover the treasures of everyday art!

Shopping break in Marrakech

Shop in all its states In Marrakech, tradition and modernity always blend harmoniously. Shopping is no exception to this rule! In the markets you will discover real business: for the merchant you will negotiate local food, handicrafts that mature the knowledge of the ancestors. But at the same time, a few steps from these shopping streets, the Guéliz district is developing. This is not a debate about the prices of this or that article! The biggest local and international markets, on the main arteries of the city or in the shopping centers, will open their doors to you and supply jewelry, clothes and shoes. From store to store you will enjoy a wonderful shopping experience! This combination of tradition and innovation is particularly reflected in the design concept of some of the city's artisans. It gives a new patina to the creations of the ancestors. They think about them, they repeat them. That is why the art of metalworking in Maillechort has completely changed: this alloy of copper, zinc and nickel is highly valued by Moroccan designers and serves as the basis for mirrors, trays, jewelry and fits perfectly into the most modern interiors and decorations. There is shopping in all forms in the ocher city, from the bustling streets of the souks to the sometimes luxurious windows of the Guéliz district!