Casablanca is a city in western Morocco on the Atlantic coast and the administrative center of the Greater Casablanca Region.

The city has a population of 3.5 million, making it the largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Casablanca is home to the country's largest port as well as three airports.

Downtown Casablanca is a place full of tourist attractions, restaurants and places to stay. This is definitely a place you shouldn't miss. Most of the area is pedestrian-friendly and is well served by all public transport in the city.

Here you will find many sights and easily reach the unique Old Town and the impressive Hasan II Mosque. If you are on a street food tour, this place will surprise you with sumptuous restaurants offering local and world cuisine. The city centre also offers great places to stay. Besides recognizable hotel brands, you can find many other possibilities. The Boulevard de la Corniche is one of the most popular places in Casablanca.

The boulevard is between the center and the old town and is the main connection between the two places. The beautiful walk will lead you to a wonderful view of the old city and Hassan II Mosque. If you are a fan of nightlife, then this place is waiting for you.

Here you can visit some of the most elite discos for salsa, belly dancing or modern dancing. If you are a shopping freak, you will be surprised by the beautiful shops of popular Arabic brands.

Certainly, Bluverad de la Corniche is a place for lovers of luxury. This is proven by the exquisite hotels and villas aligned with the promenade. The old medina is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Casablanca. Here you can find many local artisans producing unique souvenirs and street crafts. This region is a favorite place for romantic walks of Moroccan kings and their wives.

The amazing architecture throughout this region captivates the heart of every tourist. the famous Hassan II Mosque, the second largest mosque in the world. Habous is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Casablanca and popular as the cultural and religious center of Morocco. The Royal Palace, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and other important institutions are located in this area. In the past, Habous was a French protectorate and often called the New Medina.

Many historic buildings make the neighborhood a popular tourist destination.

Here you can find many souks that attract shopping tourists. The neighborhood, Anfa, is located near the district of Ain Diab and close to downtown Casablanca. Anfa is historically associated with World War II and the Allied landings. The beautiful buildings and long alleys make the neighborhood a great place to stroll.

The district offers a wide choice of public transport and is close to the most important places in Casablanca. Deroua is close to Mohammed V airport and is the main link between the airport, the city center and other districts of Casablanca.

Maârif the most communicative place in the city and every year, between 4 and 8 million people cross it. This is one of the reasons why the neighborhood is full of restaurants, cafes and shops. Here you have a large choice of places where you can stay and public transport.

Casablanca is gaining momentum as one of the popular tourist destinations and is even catching up with Marrakech. In recent years, it has become a tourist, economic and business center in North Africa. By now, you should know exactly where to stay in Casablanca. This means that all that remains is to go and start booking everything. This way, you can expect to experience everything on your own, as soon as possible.