Acity in southern Morocco, which is the gateway to the Sahara desert. There are virtually no industries and commerce in the city. On the other hand, the landscapes are a perfect setting for films from Roman and medieval times. The major television and film producers have already figured this out.

Many famous films have been shot here. Just look around the city and you will see some recordings.

The list of films shot in Ouarzazate is long and it goes on to TV shows! Many families who live in Ouarzazate work as artisans and builders, producing costumes and sets for films.

This is one of the most common ways to make money in the city, in addition to tourism.

On the tourist route, you will find the World Heritage Site Kasbah Taourirt. But it is not so easy to say this name, nor to reach its peak. Now we understand why war movies are shot here. The scenario is just perfect! The wind is so strong!

In order to preserve the memories of Ouarzazate, the Museum of Cinema was created. The huge clap in the center of Ouarzazate is proof of its cultural potential. So just say: light, camera and ACTION!