Morocco makes the most of its generous nature. Heirs of ancestral know-how, skilled craftsmen work and shape it.

The local products are of incomparable richness : spices such as Saffron, also called "red gold", olive oil as well as honey and orange blossom water, not to mention argan oil, with an exquisite taste. The hammam ritual uses henna, rose water, black soap and ghassoul. Let yourself be tempted by their benefits...

Let yourself be tempted! Take one of these little Moroccan treasures with you in your luggage !

Argan oil

There are many terms associated with Argan oil, which nowadays no longer needs a presentation. "Liquid gold", "precious oil" or "gift of God", this Moroccan product par excellence is becoming more and more coveted by anyone concerned about his health or beauty. Originally from the South and extracted from the argan tree, this oil is full of many cosmetic and therapeutic virtues. For a touch of youth or for a dose of vitamins, Argan oil will be your new beauty and health ally!


Saffron is a spice with a red color and a very imposing scent. Although it did not previously enjoy a very important notoriety, saffron, which is produced in the region of "Taliouine", is now a very popular product. Saffron does deserve its title of "red gold": its use is no longer limited to cooking. For years, its therapeutic and medicinal virtues have been proven by several researches and clinical studies.

The prickly pear

This small fruit that serves us beautiful juices, yes, we recognize it! The prickly pear, no need to talk about it. Everyone knows it and everyone asks for a lot. This exquisitely tasting fruit is very present in the South-West of Morocco and is full of many benefits on our health. Its therapeutic power and anti-inflammatory abilities push us more to consume it without moderation!

Rose water

In the Dades Valley, between Kelaa M'gouna and Boulmane Dades, there are small villages that live mainly from the cultivation of roses. Also called valley of roses, this place with its enchanting scents lives up to its name. Rose water, which is also the star of moussem des roses, is a perfect beauty ally and an icon of traditional Moroccan cosmetics.

Orange blossom water

Orange blossom water is very popular in cooking and cosmetology. Grown and distilled in the Khemisset region, orange blossom water or Neroli flower water can be used to flavor cakes. It is also an excellent local product to introduce into your beauty ritual!