Rabat is a city rich in culture and history. Its streets and squares are decorated with many masterpieces. The Kasbah of the Oudayas is a magnificent and powerful silhouette that is softened by the gardens. The walls of the Chellah are located just a few meters from the walls. This is a necropolis that dates back to the Merinid era. Crossing the enclosure means to enter another realm: you can walk among ancient remains, gardens, and storks.

Rabat is a modern, eco-responsible capital. It takes pride in green spaces. It is lined with parks, including the botanical test garden and the Exotic Gardens Bouknadel, which are located a few kilometers away. Rabat also spares its coastline. It has kilometers of landscaped beaches along the Atlantic that lead to Casablanca.

Modern is also the infrastructure and festivals that contribute to your comfort and the entertainment of the capital. All amenities are within reach: tram, airport, shopping centers and cafes, as well as restaurants and cafes. Rabat is known for its music, which includes Jazz au Chellah, Mawazine and Jazz au Chellah.

Rabat is all of this. It's a city that combines the best of the past with the latest and most environmentally-friendly achievements.

Shopping and relaxation in the City of Lights

Chic shopping in rabat

Although Rabat is a modern city, it remains a capital that preserves the traditions of generations past. It is a great place to shop, as you can discover the wealth of local craftsmanship. You also have the opportunity to stroll among the largest national and international brands' windows.

Shops can be found along the main streets and in the city's clear arteries. To the delight of shoppers, renowned brands have set up shop there. Quality products are offered by watchmakers, jewelers and opticians as well as clothing shops. Two tram lines, in particular, make it easy to travel around the capital's commercial center at your own pace and find your happiness.

In the city, there are large shopping centers. They are designed to be comfortable and feature the largest brands as well as a wide range of services. You can also enjoy a game or two of bowling at the Mega Mall, as well as the many cafes and restaurants located there.

Rabat is active, well-stocked, and always full of surprises.

Quality and diversity

Artisanal shopping in rabat

Rabat is a vibrant capital, particularly within its walls, where the lively atmosphere of the markets and shopping streets is evident. Modern designers mix traditional handicrafts with modern designs.

Visit the medina, a historic district that is filled with shops of all types. You will discover many trades through a maze of thematic alleyways. The streets of Souk Sebbat, Souika are filled with traditional clothes, leather goods, slippers, bags, and fabrics. The rue des Consuls displays the famous rbatis carpets and silver jewels. You will be delighted by the local cuisine, which includes Moroccan pastries, spices and a variety of local food.

The Rbatis are masters at embroidery. Silk brocade, silk chiffon and cotton are all embroidered with great skill to create beautiful pieces of fabric that can be used for traditional clothing such as caftan or upholstery fabrics.

The potters are just a few kilometers away from the medina. The Oulja complex in Sale is dedicated to them. Clay earth craftsmen are those who work with it to create vases, lighting, tagines and other useful tools. Oulja also has wrought iron, and basketry items.

Rabat is always at the border of the past and present. It offers a craft and know-how that is unmistakably authentic, but which also allows for the most innovative innovations to keep up with the times.

The capital of Morocco is home to golf and water sports.

Variety of sports are available in the green city

Rabat, the elegant and Rabat the sporty are two different things. There are plenty of opportunities to spend in Morocco's capital, which alternates land, water and air activities.

The beaches on the coast offer many opportunities for gliding. There are many options for jet skis, surfboards, and windsurfing boards. You can also rent kayaks to explore the Oudayas coast.

The activities available in the interior are even more varied. The Royal Golf Dar Es Salaam is where you'll find the white ball. It is a mythical course that alternates fairways and greens in a beautiful setting. Rabat is a great place to find horse riding enthusiasts: there are many clubs that welcome riders, offer obstacle courses, hiking and even polo matches. Akrach is a great place for hiking enthusiasts, just a short drive from Rabat.

The Sale flying club is for the more adventurous. You can fly paragliding, hang-gliding, or light aircraft piloting safely on site thanks to the high quality infrastructure.

Your stay in Rabat will bring you wealth through land, air, and water sports!

Leisure at your leisure

The beaches are as far as the eye can reach

In Rabat, all the pleasures are merged: those of culture, green tourism, and swimming!

The Atlantic waters border the Moroccan capital, which offers many water-related activities and a lot of relaxation opportunities. The whole coastline is beautifully landscaped. From Casablanca to the coast, there are many attractions and charming places. The beach of oudayas is located in the heart of the city. Perched on a rock, it overlooks the ocean and dominates all that lies below. The places are managed by the Rabat Naval Club and permit windsurfing or kayaking.

The beaches that line the coast towards Casablanca are not the same. You will find pleasure and refreshment in the fine golden sand, rising and falling tides, and intimate size of the beaches.

Surfing, horseback riding, and jet skiing are all options for sports enthusiasts on the rbatis beach.

You can find everything you need on the coast of Rabat, whether it's private beaches or public beaches.

Morocco's green city

Rabat green city

Nature is a central feature of Rabat. The capital of the country is committed to eco-responsibility and has 230 hectares worth of green spaces where you can enjoy natural and cultural heritage.

This union is best expressed in the Kasbah of The Oudayas with its Andalusian Garden, the Necropolis of Chellah and the green belt. The Zoological Garden of Rabat is another place where animals can be seen in their natural habitats.

The Exotic Gardens at Bouknadel are located just a few kilometers from Rabat. They cover 4.5 hectares and are home to over 600 plant species from 5 continents as well as 80 animal species.

You don't want to miss the surrounding area. The maamora forest is a great place to have picnics with your family or friends on the way to Fez. You will find the Sidi Boughaba Nature Reserve, where you can meet migratory birds. You can also practice jet skiing and pedal boating at Dayet Roumi, which is located towards Khmisset.

Rabat la verte, true to its eco-responsible spirit is waiting for your visit!

Elegant capital

A city rich in culture

Rabat the Imperial, the capital of the Kingdom, is steeped in history. You will find stones everywhere in the city. They decorate streets and create a charming environment that you can enjoy exploring.

Rabat, UNESCO's modern capital and historical city, is a small concentration of Moroccan heritage. The Hassan Tower, the first unfinished minaret that was built and has dominated Rabat for over eight centuries. The famous Mohamed V Mausoleum and esplanade are located at its feet. The monument is more than a burial. It is also a tribute Arab-Muslim culture. It has all the charms. Carved in white onyx, it's adorned with marble, plaster, and finely carved woodenwork.

It is also known as the Chellah, an old city that still stands. Cross the walls and enter through the monumental door to discover one of the most amazing archaeological sites in the country.

Last but not least, don't miss out on the chance to visit the Kasbah Of Oudayas. You will feel a sense of calm and peace when you walk around the Kasbah of Oudayas. You can visit the gardens surrounding the fortress and the art galleries. Then, you can sit on the Cafe Maure's terrace while sipping mint tea with Moroccan cakes.

According to the stones, it is possible to travel through Rabat and dive into the heartland of the Kingdom's history.

Secrets of rbatis

Living culture

Rabat, a city rich in monuments and high places, is also distinguished for its vitality and intangible heritage.

This is why rbati craftsmanship has become so famous. Decide for yourself! Go to the medina. The craftsmen are father to son and work with leathers, fabrics, and gold and silver jewelry. Not to mention the famous rugi carpet, which is a marvel of harmony and finesse. In Sale, pottery and ironwork are also in the spotlight. A whole complex is dedicated to them.

Rabat is music. Rabat has made the Mawazine Rhythms of the World Festival an international event. Every year, the city hosts free concerts featuring the most prominent national and international artists to the delight of tens of thousand of spectators. The Moroccan capital is alive to world music all year: major events also feature the sounds of Andalusia and the swing of jazz orchestras.

Rabat's culture is rich. It is lively and playful, is always awake!